Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Josh Berman (Chicago) | April 21

This Sunday, we are extremely pleased to be hosting cornetist Josh Berman at the Racer Sessions. Josh has long been an essential contributor to Chicago’s active improvised music scene. His work encompasses both developing opportunities for presenting improvised music, and performing in a variety of highly collaborative formats. He’s a co-founder of critically acclaimed Umbrella Music, and curator of the Sunday night music series at the Hungry Brain, something not dissimilar to the Racer Sessions we host each week.

Josh Berman

Josh Berman

He’s quite active as a bandleader with his own groups including the Josh Berman Trio, Josh Berman’s Old Idea, and Josh Berman and His Gang, additionally acting as co-leader of Chicago Luzern Exchange. Berman has performed and recorded with some of the most internationally respected musicians and composers in jazz and improvised music, and is also a frequent collaborator with dance artists.

Josh will be presenting alongside fellow Chicagoan James Falzone, and they will be joined by Greg Campbell and Troy Schiefelbein. So not only will this be an opportunity to support those who support improvised music, but to celebrate the merging of our communities! Please meet us at Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm, with a jam session to follow. And read on below for a note from Josh:

"I am looking forward to playing again with my valued and esteemed colleague, clarinetist, composer and educator, James Falzone. He and I have been long-time friends and musical collaborators for many years, and this is the first time we will play together in Seattle.  Also, I am looking forward to this first meeting with Greg Campbell and Troy Schiefelbein. 

I am mostly interested jazz, free jazz and sound/free improvisation. I often like it best when it feels like elements of these three things are happening at the same time.

As for the session: I have an appetite for music that includes pauses and dynamics.

Thanks to Haley and the Racer Series for having me, and James for making the connections."

- Josh Berman