Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Carlos Snaider + Ronan Delisle | April 28

Greetings, Racers!

This weekend we’re looking forward to bringing Ronan Delisle and Carlos Snaider to the Racer stage. Both guitarists, Ronan has been a frequent presence in the Seattle scene for many years while Carlos is one of Seattle’s newest musicians, settling in with fresh perspectives to share with the community.

Read below for some notes from the artists, and make sure to find yourself at Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm for their session!


From Ronan:

“Hello, Racer people!

I’m looking forward to bringing new music to the Café Racer stage this Sunday evening. This new project is one that I share with guitarist and composer, Carlos Snaider, who in the last year has moved to Seattle. We have been meeting regularly to improvise and work on each other’s written material, which has been tremendously fun.

Upon first playing with Carlos, I felt the desire to think of us immediately as a unit, rather than a duo. I’d like to offer up the same idea to the improvisers that take the stage Sunday night; that each formation of musicians that improvises together think of themselves as a band, not as individuals looking to play at a session. The improvisation may only last a few minutes and everyone will find their separate ways home at the end of the night, but I feel that the music requires that everyone come together as a band that only exists for a fleeting moment.

Carlos and I will each contribute a song to the set, the rest will be improvised. It’s been special getting to know Carlos as a person and musician and I can’t wait to share our music with you.

See you there,


Ps. I have released some new music, a recording called Bouquet. Two tracks up right now and the rest will be released sometime soon. It can be found at www.ronandelisle.bandcamp.com .”

From Carlos:

“Ronan and I began playing a few months ago, and after an energizing initial session of improvised music, we decided to develop our musical dialogue and share it with others.  This upcoming Racer Session set is our first opportunity to do so.  I deeply appreciate Ronan’s way of listening through the world and amount of care he puts into his musical voice.  The differences in our playing styles highlight our respective subtleties, and as such has been a true pleasure learning how to sonically co-exist and nourish each other.  Half of our set will be fully improvised and the other half will feature a composition from each of us. 

For the session, I am interested in the ways we as musicians can set intentions to acknowledge and support each other as we enter into the ritual of improvising.  One idea for achieving this is to consciously hold silence as a group for a few moments, perhaps looking at everyone beforehand, so that whenever the first sound(s) occur, the group will already be moving together.  This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to start playing at the same time, but that all actors are equally acknowledged from beginning to end.