Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Neil Welch Presents This Sunday at the Racer Sessions

Saxophonist and composer Neil Welch presents at the Racer Sessions this week. Neil is a longtime organizer for the Racer series and has presented over a dozen curated performances  for us to date. This Sunday he's joined by David Baltero on bass and Dio Jean-Baptiste on drums, exploring the "constitution of groove and pulse in an avant setting." A few words from Neil below:

"Hello Racer community,

In the last few years I've become more and more interested in casting new shoots towards musical idioms outside the realm of avant music. Since about 2005 I've maintained an almost dogmatic adherence to playing strictly fringe music: "avant-garde," "new music," experimental" or whatever labels I or others choose on any given day to apply towards these sounds agreed to be nonnormative. 

In contrast to this work, two years ago I began learning Hillbilly and Appalachian folk music on the banjo. I've also started playing and taking a few gigs on my horn in other forms of music that I was heavily invested in during my college days a decade ago, including traditional jazz and funk-fusion. For my session tonight, my friends/musical comrades David Balatero (6 string electric bass) and Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums) will explore the constitution of groove and pulse in an avant setting. This will be a set of improvised music played with a cast of very unique performers, all of which are highly versed in deep groove musical genres but are simultaneously dedicated towards the molding of sound in the avant. 

We look forward to performing for you at the Racer Sessions tonight!

-Neil Welch


1. Chris Icasiano (Drums), Andrew Olmstead (Piano)

2. ? (Drums), ? (Clarinet)

3. Galen (Drums), ? (Alto Sax), Schuyler Asplin (Trumpet), Dio Jean-Baptiste (Piano), ? (Guitar)

4. Mason Lynass (Drums), David Balatero (Piano), Neil Welch (Tenor Sax), Marcin (Alto Sax), ? (Guitar)

5. ? (Drums), ? (Bass), Haley Freedlund (Trombone), Katie Levine (Piano)

6. Michelle Hutchinson (Drums), Brian Lineberry (Alto Sax), Geoff Traeger (Phone + Effects), Schuyler Asplin (Piano + Trumpet), ? (Guitar)

7. Keeli McCarthy (Drums), ? (Guitar)

8. Schuyler Asplin (Trumpet), Haley Freedlund (Trombone), Nicholas Kellu (Piano) Nathan Bluford (Drums)