Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm - Café Racer - Seattle, WA

Matt Norman Presents at the Racer Sessions this Sunday!

Matt Norman, Ruby Dunphy, Simon Henneman, Neil Welch

Collage by Matt Norman

Collage by Matt Norman

Matt Norman (keyboard) presented a free improvisation with Simon Henneman (guitar), Neil Welch (tenor sax), and Ruby Dunphy (drums).

Improv 1: Katie Levine (piano), JMD (drums), Max Strini (clarinet)

Improv 2: Andrew Olmstead (piano), Brandon Herzberg (guitar), Dick Valentine (soprano sax), Neil Welch (soprano sax), ? (drums)

Improv 3: David Balatero (cello), Brandon Lucia (piano), ? (drums)

Improv 4: Haley Freedlund (trombone), Ruby Dunphy (drums), Janna Webbon (violin), Tyler Martin (trumpet), Chris Cole (trumpet)

Improv 5: Evan Woodle (drums), Marcin Pączkowski (alto sax), David Balatero (piano), Geoff Traeger (voice), Simon Henneman (guitar)

Improv 6: Chris Cole (trumpet), Zach Burba (keyboard), Andrew Olmstead (piano)

Improv 7: Simon Henneman (guitar), Brandon Herzberg (guitar), Chris Icasiano (drums), Matt Norman (keyboard)