Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Matthew Higgins Presents at the Racer Sessions Sunday at 8pm

This Sunday at the Racer Sessions we're very pleased to welcome guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Matthew Higgins. Sunday marks Matthew's for his first musical presentation for our series. The breadth of his artistic work and the very personal musical language he embodies can assure a memorable performance. Read below for thoughts from Matthew about this week's series:

"For the past 10 years I've explored ambient guitarIn doing so I've developed a sound that has strayed from the typical sound that a guitar can make. Aided by multi-effects processors the sound is stretched and widened, giving a much larger and different feel than the guitar itself can provide. The use of reverb, delay, and loop has allowed me to hear more elements of the song in my head in order to keep the song moving forward. 

My growth with the guitar is parallel to that of the effects processor. The two are linked together. Without one, the other cannot exist.

The session tonight is a solo piece of ambient proportions, emphasizing the use of unconventional guitar sounds, vocal distortions, looping, samples, and didgeridoo.

I have used the resulting ambience as a means to help induce sleep, guide the behavior of dreams, and bypass the wall of the subconscious in order to deliver a message to the listener.

By constructing a song in a non traditional way using an instrument in a non traditional way my aim is to undo expectations and guide the listeners on a trek towards inward contemplation."


Let us dream of the notes as we drift off to sleep.

These are subterranean hymns singing from the deep.


Let the echoes of a slumbering subconscious speak.

These are subterranean hymns in a midnight mystique


So when you lay to rest your thoughts and your eyes

And take off your masks to rid your disguise

Let us all stand bare, gazing within

Singing ourselves a subterranean hymn again and again.


  1. Chris Icasiano (drums), Neil Welch (Tenor Sax), Brandon (Guitar)
  2. Andrew Olmstead (blindfolded piano), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Haley Freedlund (Trombone), Max Holmberg (clarinet), Chris Cole (Trumpet), Mike Gebhart (Singing Bowl)
  3. Anthony Phillips (Guitar), D'Andre Fontainelle (Drums), Jeremy (Alto Sax)
  4. Andrew Olmstead (Piano), James Vincent (Melodica), Jay MD (Drums)
  5. Nicholas Kelly (Guitar), Mike Gebhart  (Drums), D'Andre Fontainelle (Piano), Janita (Voice)
  6. Jeremy (Alto Sax), Brandon (Guitar), Chris Cole (Trumpet), James Vincent (Drums)
  7. D'Andre Fontainelle (Guitar), Dio Jean-Baptiste (Drums), Julianne Thoma (Piano)