Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Ray Larsen and Greg Sinibaldi Present TONIGHT!

Hello, Racers!

This Sunday, we are incredibly pleased to be presenting trumpeter Ray Larsen and saxophonist Greg Sinibaldi! Ray and Greg are both dear friends of the session, as well as dedicated instrumentalists. Together they have been developing a duo identity in an electronic environment, which they will share with you tonight.

Ray has sent along some words on that project and what to expect, so keep reading and make sure to find yourself at Cafe Racer tonight at 8pm for their set!


Greg and I have been collaborating since our time as graduate music students at the UW. Now Greg teaches saxophone and improvisation there! 

He has long been one of my favorite musicians, and has one of the thickest tenor sounds around. But in the past few years he has developed an absolutely astounding sound environment on the EWI ("electronic wind instrument", a saxophoney synthesizer) that is really unlike anything else on the planet, to my knowledge. 

We started doing an electronics duo project about a year ago, and we performed a couple times as a trio with great drummers Ted Poor and Remy Morritt. 

Sunday will be duo again. We'll play some improvisations and a couple sketches of mine.

See you there!

Ray Larsen -- trumpet and effects
Greg Sinibaldi -- EWI, tenor sax, and effects

Ray Larsen

Ray Larsen

Greg Sinibaldi

Greg Sinibaldi