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Monika Khot Presents this Sunday

Greetings, fans of the Avant!

This weekend, we welcome composer and multi-instrumentalist Monika Khot to the Racer stage. While Monika has participated in other T&C events with us, such as Cry & Roar or Second Wednesdays, this is her first time presenting a Racer Session!

Monika has a heavy presence in the Seattle music scene, performing her own work as Nordra, as well as Zen Mother, Red Ribbon, and other collaborations. Additionally, her work includes scores for film, dance, and multimedia. 2019 has been and will be especially busy for Monika - she writes a bit about this, as well as plans for this weekend’s session and improvisations, below. Read on, and make sure to get yourself to Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm for the whole thing!


“I'll be playing a set of music inspired by the planet Mars, the reign of quantity, and the disintegrated mind. I've been reading about the highest point of the triangle and its decline downwards towards its two-point base. Every set I play solo has always been a kind of yearning for the highest point, an acknowledgement of this decline, and our imminent (if not already occurred) detachment from unity. This set in particular feels especially emotional/intense. I've been hurt and disappointed lately in this community, and I think these feelings have resulted in a set that conveys isolation, with a touch of compassion/empathy.


“Some stuff going on right now:

  • I have a couple of tours coming up

  • my band Zen Mother just completed a totally bonkers new record

  • I have a dance score in queue for an LP release on SIGE Records, and 3 other records currently in queue for production

  • But most importantly, new collaborations in store

”I'm so grateful for the musicians in my life who open me up and grant me faith in existence and new perspectives. My tour in Scandinavia starts in about a week and half, and I'm taking trains the whole time, which will grant me the much needed time and space to reflect.

Guideline for improv: Oblique Strategies! why not! --I'll pick a card/give a direction before every improv, and the musicians will have to adhere to the (vague) rules of the card.

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