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This Sunday: Steve Treseler Goes Solo

Greetings, Racers!

This Sunday, we are thrilled to welcome our friend Steve Treseler back to the Racer stage. Steve is a Seattle-based saxophonist, teaching artist, and author who performs and leads creative music workshops across the U.S. He grew up just north of here in Edmonds, and spent some time honing his craft in Boston at NEC and then back here at UW in their improvised music program. He's equally at home in most any musical setting (co-leading the music of Kenny Wheeler with Ingrid Jensen, at the creative command of Wayne Horvitz) - which makes this presentation a special one - a new project! Steve will be presenting solo: himself with a series of sonic tools and accoutrements, a series of movements.

 What happens will surely be special, so make sure to find yourself at Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm. Presentation first, and jam session to follow, as usual. Read below for Steve's blog on the occasion. 


"Radiant Fields is an experimental meditation for solo tenor saxophone plus electronic effects. The name comes from the tradition of Buddhist Vipassana meditation, which asks us to rest our attention on both a radiant heart space and an interconnected field of awareness. Also, when I listen to music, I often visualize abstract expressionist landscapes.

I began experimenting with effects pedals in 2014 while playing in the UW modern band. My friends Greg Sinibaldi, Ray Larsen, and Neil Welch inspired me with their use of effects and helped me get set up. The technology allows for endless new and novel sounds, and the possibilities are overwhelming.

Steve Treseler; Radiant Fields

Steve Treseler; Radiant Fields

Earlier this year, I got my pedals out of hibernation to focus on effects that compliment the tone of an acoustic saxophone in a solo context. These effects allow me to explore harmony, timbre, and frequency range in new ways. A core part of my sound is reverb designed by the guitarist for the Icelandic ambient rock band Sigur Ros. The effect features a long and warm sustain accompanied by a pronounced high-end that transforms breath sounds into ocean waves. I will also be performing a movement on a cedar Native flute. I love the music of Native flutist R. Carlos Nakai, and I’ve played the flute for over 15 years but rarely perform.

Radiant Fields as a fluid collection of pieces that will evolve and change over time. The premiere is divided into six movements:

I. Radiant Fields Theme

II. Spectral Gongs

III. Canyons

IV. Tintinnabuli

V. Impulse

VI. Worlds Unseen

Thanks for reading! - ST"

Steve's Website 

Steve & Ingrid's Kenny Wheeler Project for NPR (that record, Invisible Sounds: For Kenny Wheeler is coming out as a double LP on the UK Label Whirlwind in October!)