Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

John Kammerer presents Solo Works this Sunday

Greetings, fans of the avant!

This Sunday, our dear friend John Kammerer will present some new ideas to the Racer community. John works in many sonic mediums, including but not limited to: french horn, electronic composition, sampling, percussion, and modular synthesizer. The last time that he presented at Racer, he played a cactus, and it was really, genuinely wonderful. We are always fascinated by his process and delivery, and it's a treat to welcome him back for an evening of sound.

John has been on the road this summer doing work for the competitive marching community, but sent along a short description of his planned set:

John Kammerer

John Kammerer

"An exploration of microsound: Handmade cassette loops, chopped and reprocessed via a modern and minuscule reel-to-reel tape music studio nestled within a modular synth.

Musique Concrète meets a descendant, the elements of sound are manipulated like subatomic particles, granular manipulation completes the process, extracting fragments of fragments. Resample, repeat, start over again." - JK


We hope to see you at Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm to check everything out! Jam session to follow. Onward!