Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Bad Luck plays the Inaugural Session at Cafe Racer This Sunday

Greetings, fans of the avant!

This weekend, for our first session back at Cafe Racer, we will host the well-loved, multi-faceted duo Bad Luck. This one is real special, friends: Neil Welch and Chris Icasiano, the members making up this dynamic duo, are co-founders of the Racer Sessions, started at Cafe Racer over eight years ago. They both continue to be integral to the day-to-day for both the Racer Sessions and our parent organization, Table & Chairs, as curators and producers. We are incredibly lucky to have them, and thankful for that foundation that was laid down many years ago.

Tonight, we return to where it all began, and it's gonna be a big ol' party. We can't wait to see you. Please come out to Cafe Racer (!!!) at 8pm this Sunday, catch their opening set, stick around for the jam session, and grab a bev with us afterwards. We love you! And read on for some words from the artists.


"Dear friends of the Racer Sessions,

Bad Luck is elated—moved—to perform again on stage at Cafe Racer this Sunday. Over 8 years ago, with a small cohort of musicians that included the two of us kiddos, we at the Racer Sessions dreamt up a series devoted towards experimental music built for and driven by musicians in search of community collaboration. For so many of us the session quickly became a weekly marker of time where the episodes of our own artistic work could be partitioned. The session slowed the 7 day week down to simply “Sundays at Racer.” For us personally, the Racer Sessions has always represented a weekly, artistic respite out there on the Sunday horizon. The session became a place where people of different ages and genders could take their chosen instrument into a communal space to create without fear. Cafe Racer itself was a natural fit. Racer is the spot we chose to gather and socialize as musicians and people. The Racer Sessions has hosted performers from across the country, and time after time we at the session have received messages expressing gratitude for the creative and welcoming environment of our session participants and of Cafe Racer itself.

Bad Luck, L-R: Chris Icasiano, Neil Welch

Bad Luck, L-R: Chris Icasiano, Neil Welch

Tonight, Bad Luck is back at Cafe Racer and we’ll debut new music to celebrate. Following our performance, we look forward to creating sound with our community members in the open jams, and participating together in a new and exciting time for the session.

Welcome to the Racer Sessions, and welcome back to Cafe Racer.

-Bad Luck [Neil Welch (saxophone) and Chris Icasiano (drums)]"