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Drama Bahama Goes Under the Sea

Greetings, Racers!

This weekend, on the intersecting evening of Easter and April Fool's Day, we will bring you a very special treat: Drama Bahama. Nathie Katzoff, new and dear friend of the session, is a Seattle-based sound & song maker who has a prolific recording history under the names Drama Bahama, Slick Pig, Shared Potato, and Therous Moore. As an individual, he has shared the stage with eclectic musical groups and artists like Mike Patton, Melt Banana, King Missile, Dresden Dolls...  the list goes on. But since his body landed on planet Earth, he has pursued music and sound as a way of finding temporary moments of enlightenment & nirvana.  This time, he invites you to join in a temporary journey under the sea.

If you know Nathie, you know this is going to be a magical and fun set of music. If you don't know Nathie, you definitely should, so make it a point to come to the Racer Sessions this weekend, Sunday at 8pm, after you're finished hunting those pesky easter eggs. Nathie has even written us a blog post, which you can find below! Read on, and we'll see you at the session.      


Nathie Katzoff

Nathie Katzoff

"Hello Session addicts! 

I am please to present the 1st under the sea themed Drama Bahama performance at 8pm. Self identified in genre and sound as a messy vegan breakfast or a dirty folk trash opera. This will be a debut solo presentation with a combination of new work and pieces from my new album "musicians don't have feelings, they have emotion." 

The instrumentation will be acoustically driven without the aid of loopers and computers, but will be backed by amps and effects of the digital age. Primary instrumentation: Auto harp, harmonium, ukulele, cello, paper bound books, percussion, trash, slide guitar, scuba gear and synthesizers.

"Is this an april fools joke?" - Andrew Olmstead


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