Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Mike Gebhart Returns This Sunday

Howdy, Racers!

We are very excited to welcome Mike Gebhart, drummer and composer, to the Racer stage this weekend. Mike, a dear friend of the session and previous presenter, has prepared a series of solo compositions and improvisations that many of us are very excited to hear.

Mike previews the set below - take a quick gander, and then find your way to Cafe Racer by 8pm on Sunday.

Mike Gebhart

Mike Gebhart

I am excited and honored to play Solo at Racer this Sunday. These sessions are incredible for the opportunity they give musicians in the city to improvise and hear others improvise.

This Sunday I will sing and play drums. The set will include:

- A drone piece over a polyrhythm stack both of which help in opening up my body and listening
- A rhythmic tune using the voice as a drum dedicated to my mother
- Two or Three songs in Yoruba sung with balofon accompaniment
- An improvisation using a bell and voice leading to a popular song

 I don't wish to prescribe anything for the session. Do what you want. Can't wait to hear You.