Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

LA Duo Nakata to present Duo Improvisations TONIGHT!

Opening Set:


Patrick Shiroishi - Alto and Soprano Saxophones

Paco Casanova - Keyboard / Effects


1. Haley Freedlund (trombone), Noel Kennon (piano), Luke Bergman (electric bass), normally trumpet (drums, e-bow), David Nicholson (alto saxophone, clarinet)

2. Nicholas Mackleprang (piano), Howard (drums), Simon Henneman (electric guitar), Neil Welch (tenor saxophone), Patrick Shiroishi (alto saxophone)

3. (this guy got up and played some memorized piece, probably just delete (piano)

4. Ronan Delisle (electric guitar), Ruby Dunphy (drums), Jeremy Gonzalez (alto saxophone), (washtub bass w/ percussion, piano, screaming), Jim Knodle (cornet)

5. Paco Casanova (piano), Levi Gillis (drums), (electric guitar), David Nicholson (alto saxophone, clarinet)

6. Ruby Dunphy (egg shaker), Haley Freedlund (drums, trombone, percussion), Nicholas Mackelprang (piano), Noel Kennon (viola), (trumpet), Neil Welch (tenor saxophone)

7. same guy as guitar on 5 (tenor saxophone), Simon Henneman (electric guitar), Katie Levine (piano), Luke Bergman (electric bass), cowboy hat (drums)

8. Haley Freedlund (trombone), Patrick Shiroishi (alto saxophone), Jeremy Gonzalez (alto saxophone), (trumpet), Paco Casanova (piano), (drums), (upright bass)

9. Simon Henneman (guitar), Ronan Delisle (guitar), Noel Kennon (piano)


Greetings, Racers!

We're fortunate this evening to host two of our friends from Los Angeles, collectively Nakata, while they make their way around the country. Nakata is a collaborative project comprised of Patrick Shiroishi & Paco Casanova. In addition to this duo, they have spent the past six years writing and performing in a progressive rock quintet called Corima.  While the music for that group was 95% written and very planned and rehearsed, the music for Nakata is pure improvisation and allows for Shiroishi and Casanova to fully explore their instruments and emotions without any constraint. We're very excited to hear what they have in store - read below for some words from Patrick about their travels and what to expect this evening: 

Paco Casanova and Patrick Shiroishi

Paco Casanova and Patrick Shiroishi

"Especially with how things have been as of late and the growing tension throughout the country, (our) music has had a tendency of expressing our frustrations as well as the sadness of the current affairs. While traveling up the coast on this tour, I was able to visit where my grandparents were kept for four years in the Tulu Lake concentration camps, something that whether I like it or not has been part of my family history.  Being in that space, where they were kept surrounded with barbed wire and guards watching over them, I felt an immense sense of pain and sadness.  I am very grateful to Paco for traveling with me and have a feeling that these emotions will definitely be revisited during our improvisation.  No matter how bad things seem to get, we need to stand with each other and support each other and I hope through our music we will be able to communicate and reinforce that."