Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Ruby Dunphy and Simon Henneman's BUS MAN Comes To Racer Sessions

Dearest Racers,

With great power comes great responsibility. This is something we know all too well as presenters of the Racer Sessions. This week was originally billed to Ruby Dunphy, a Chicago-born Seattle drummer and Racer regular with a reputation for powerful and detailed kit work. She took the opportunity to work out a new duo with guitarist Simon Henneman, also a friend of the session and previous presenter. This Sunday at 8pm, BUS MAN will live on the Racer stage. What sounds and actions will take place, I simply cannot predict. Read below and come see and hear it all this weekend:



Bus man is cash only
Bus man is always hard
Bus man doesn't give a fuck about spelling
Bus man was supposed to do it, but decided not to
Bus man doesn't drive, bus man rides and walks. 
Bus man doesn't give a fuck about organic
Bus man has reversed the aging process
Bus man changes bus man's mind whenever bus man wants
Bus man isn't for show
Bus man only cares about the art WORK
Bus man is south side
Bus man is about being someone who does and then doing
Bus man hates money
Bus man is caught holding the bag
Bus man isn't interested in becoming, bus man is
Bus man is beautifully fallible
Bus man knows love is the answer and doesn't give a fuck about the questions
Bus man isn't left wing or right wing, bus man is all wings. Bus man is no wing.
Bus man is the absolute truth
Bus man is only lies
Bus man knows that bus man is probably dead in a bath tub somewhere and has hallucinated the last ten years of bus man's life
Bus man knows enough
Bus man don't know shit.
Bus man doesn't believe in anything!

- Ruby Simon Bus Man