Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Uoro - September 30th, 2012



For this session I have written a piece entitled “Carrico,” which is dedicated to the late baritone saxophonist and Racer Sessions regular, Andrew Carrico.

It is based on an improvisational approach that I have been working on in which I utilize small modular rhythmic cells to build long and eventually relentless phrases. I am challenging myself to string these cells together fluidly and to apply them to shifting groups of pitches as I go along.

I will begin narrowly, alternating between two or three pitches for a period of time, and gradually, I will extend the range of pitches used while attempting to maintain the rhythmic vitality established in the initial phases of the piece. There is not a composed melody, but there is a well-defined melodic trajectory in the improvisation.

The two drummers in the ensemble, Chris Icasiano and Evan Woodle, along with Aaron Otheim on synthesizer, will provide a persistent rhythmic footing for the improvisation. Jared Borkowski and Greg Campbell, both playing percussive roles, will also be improvising constant rhythmic streams that are based on a few concrete rhythmic cells.

I am also taking this opportunity to christen a new project that I am calling Uoro. I have written a number of instrumental pieces over the past two or so years—none of which have been developed or performed with any regularity. Uoro will serve as a home for these orphaned tunes. I aim to develop this piece and others over time with a varying cast of musicians, and to perform it again in the near future with an expanded repertoire.

For the improvisation to follow the piece, I will have several approaches to offer. Groups may use them to guide their improvisations, or may develop angles of their own.

I hope to see you there!

- Andrew J.S.