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Lu Evers Trio This Sunday

Greetings, Racers!

This Sunday, we look forward to present a new trio comprised of Lu Evers (clarinet), Klaus Lustica (flute), and Tom Scully (electric guitar). 

Lu Evers, previously known as Karl Reimer, has lived and worked in Seattle since 1972, moving up from Portland where he had been active in the psychedelic rock scene. He is an alumnus of the legendary Al Hood’s Creative Music Ensemble of the 1970s, a co-founder of the trailblazing avant garde jazz quartet Holus Bolus, and leader of several small ensembles, most notably The Karl Reimer Quintet of 1985-86, which featured much-lauded Roosevelt High music director Scott Brown on trombone, highly esteemed trumpeter and educator Jim Knodle, and Seattle rock icons Jack Endino- bass and Matt Cameron- drums. In the early 2000s, Lu moved to New York City, where he enjoyed a strong cult following, leading his own trio (Debbie Kennedy-bass, Nick Russo-guitar) through numerous gigs and a recording entitled Music from the Left Hand. He recently returned to Seattle to focus on original material and long-shelved recording projects.

L-R: Lu Evers, Klaus Lustica, Tom Scully

L-R: Lu Evers, Klaus Lustica, Tom Scully

Klaus Lustica played with Space Elation through the 1970s, and later with Zepher, and The Charles White Band. He was a ubiquitous flute man, spotted routinely at any number of festivals and counter-culture events through the ‘70s and '80s, known as much as an ambassador of good will as for his mellifluous flute style.

And originally from Charleston, South Carolina, the uniquely gifted guitarist Tom Scully moved to Seattle after completing studies in jazz composition and guitar performance at Boston's Berklee College of Music. He is also the guitarist in the experimental/math rock/free jazz duo Macaw. 

To check out some prior examples of Lu's music, click here or here. And don't hesitate to come out to Cafe Racer this Sunday! Same as always: 8pm start, jam session to follow. We look forward to seeing you.