Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

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MESS Performs this Sunday at the Racer Sessions

We're very excited to be hosting the Seattle multi-disciplinary trio MESS (Amelia Coulter, Haley Freedlund, Mariah Davis) at the Racer Sessions this Sunday, 8pm at Cafe Racer. MESS member, trombonist and composer Haley Freedlund writes below about this Sunday's presentation:

"This Sunday we will be presenting a new score! Assembled over the last couple of weeks, this piece is a playful investigation: of the subconscious, psychology, repetition, and maybe most importantly, the relationship between reaction and interaction. Many of our scores are based on how we interact with each other as a trio, and we're excited to challenge that foundation by adding new performative elements into an existing performative and durational relationship. We've also been getting hilariously stressed out as we rehearse (it's fine, emphasis on hilarious, we're having fun), so we're excited to finally perform it and share that electric sort of energy with an audience.

"this piece is a playful investigation: of the subconscious, psychology, repetition"

For the sessions following, MESS encourages you to keep relationship and reaction in mind as you play, in addition to a willingness to say yes instead of no. This can be purely sonic or more open-ended."

- Haley

MESS presented two pieces:

  1. "Pavlov"
  2. "Bloom"


Improv 1: Chris Icasiano (drums), Neil Welch (tenor sax), Simon Henneman (guitar)

Improv 2: Gregg Keplinger (drums), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Taylor King (guitar)

Improv 3: Amelia Coulter (trombone), Thomas Campbell (drums)

Improv 4: Gianni Aranoff (tenor sax), Inge Chiles (drums), Mariah (dance)

Improv 5: Luke Bergman (bass), Haley Freedlund (trombone), Evan Woodle (drums)

Improv 6: Levi Gillis (tenor sax), Thomas Campbell (drums)

Improv 7: Gianni Aranoff (tenor sax), Tyler King (guitar), Luke Bergman (bass), Chris Icasiano (drums)

Improv 8: Darian Asplund (alto sax), Aaron Otheim (keyboard), Jim Sloan (bass)

Improv 9: Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Samuel A Crome (alto sax), ? (drums)