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Satchel Henneman Presents his First Racer Session

Greetings, Racers!

This weekend, we are very excited to host Satchel Henneman as he presents his first Racer Session - despite the fact that he was truly raised in the bellies of our scene and the very cafe that hosts us weekly. 

Satchel is a skilled classical and improvising guitarist, performance artist, and wonderful human. He is a recent grad of Cornish College of the Arts' music department, where he cultivated a strong relationship and foundation with the world of choreography and movement. I could go on and on about him, but I'd rather let his writing speak for him now and his presentation speak for him at the session. Join us on Sunday at 8pm to see what he has in store - read on, in the mean time:

"Tonight’s curations were intended to be a performance piece involving Infamous Seattle Rapper Fantasy A and myself Satchel Henneman. Fantasy is unable to make it to the session, so we will be showing his film “FANTASY A GETS JACKED”. Described by the Noah Zoltan Sofia (the film’s creator) as “a TV Pilot from another dimension! Watch Fantasy A, Seattle’s Undisputed King of Hustle get his revenge the Day - He - Gets - Jacked!”

My artistic relationship with Fantasy A began in November of this last year. I knew about him from his flyers, in fact this is how most people know him. About four years ago I had just started college and I would see all these flyers in south lake union that said “Have you Seen Fantasy A”, I thought that it was a type of missing persons poster, or at least a mock of one. Not shortly after I saw his posters for “My Seattle Sweetheart”. At this point I was under the impression that he had faked a missing persons alert in order to gain the attention of the public, and then was using that as a platform to promote his new album, I was enthralled. The combination of this trickery, although I think it was just my own misunderstanding, and the posters’ design made me curious about this artist. I followed his development quietly for 2 more years, looking him up to listen to his music, talking with friends about his newest posters. After looking at these posters everyday for 3 years I noticed in the corner that there was all of Fantasy’s contact information.

I contacted him through the photo sharing mobile application Snapchat and asked him if he would help me to do the ice bucket challenge. This was an online internet craze several years ago and it had been some time since anyone had done such a ritual. The ice bucket challengeis a system in which someone has ice water dumped on their head and then they nominate someone else to dump ice water on their heads. This spiked in popularity around the time that I had learned about Fantasy through his postering. I felt that our relationship was entirely one-sided, I knew so much about him and had followed his career for years, and I knew him from what seemed like such a different time in my life. The ice bucket challenge was a way for me to recreate the environment of 2014 so the he could meet me in the same time I discovered him. The encounter was short and to the point, Fantasy came, dumped the ice water, and left. We continued to meet from there, we did another ice bucket challenge, he gave me several hundreds of his posters to hangup on my road trip of the American south. The most recent encounter was when I attended his movie premiere several weeks ago.

Satchel Henneman and Fantasy A / Source: Facebook

Satchel Henneman and Fantasy A / Source: Facebook


A few more words, This is my first time hosting a Racer Session although I’ve been going there since I was a child. I grew up there, it is my home. My intention for tonight was to share my relationship with Fantasy, for me also very old and deeply personal, in a place I call home."