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Similar Fashion (LA) tours new album through Hollow Earth Radio

Greetings, fans of the Avant!

Boy oh boy, we are stoked to share that this Sunday at Hollow Earth Radio, we will be presenting Similar Fashion, all the way from Los Angeles! Dear friends of the session, these ones. Similar Fashion is a quartet performing the ethereal and fun music of Logan Hone (alto sax), joined in hot pursuit by Jesse Quebbeman-Turley (drums), Gregory Uhlmann (guitar), and Lauren Baba (viola). There are so many things that make this band so special, but so much of it comes down to the chemistry of it all - they are all strong and creative musicians and composers, but combine that with their real-life friendship and the freedom that they allow themselves and each other on stage, and you get real, tangible, live-show magic. This is truly a session you shouldn't miss. 

So make it out to Hollow Earth Radio this Sunday, our last session in that space after a wonderful February residency! 8pm as always. Stay for the jam session afterwards, and grab a beer or a bag of chips at Chuck's with us when the whole thing is over. In the meantime, read on below for a blog post written to us from the band. Onward!


Similar Fashion, L-R: Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Lauren Baba, Logan Hone, Gregory Uhlmann

Similar Fashion, L-R: Jesse Quebbeman-Turley, Lauren Baba, Logan Hone, Gregory Uhlmann

"Similar Fashion is on tour writing to you from the comfort of Jesse's sister Diana's desk in Portland. This tour we're working on cooking our own food on the road. Our first major success was eating Sweet Potato Peanut Soup out of the pressure cooker in the back of Logan's minivan. We've also met some really sweet doggies and spent time with wonderful friends and family.

Tour is the main place where Similar Fashion crafts and workshops our material. We're currently riding the high from the release of our new album Portrait Of, which itself took shape over the course of 2 tours in 2016. Transforming that music from a live set to a record took a lot of energy and thought and we're really happy with how it turned out.

We are playing some of that material, some older material, and some new material on this tour with a goal of not getting too caught up in it and just trying to let loose and play together. 

We're really thrilled to return to the Racer Sessions! We played at Cry and Roar on our first tour and Hollow Earth Radio on our second tour so we'll be merging the two on Sunday (Racer at Hollow Earth!). We're grateful to be invited to participate in a space and a community of sound making/makers that we so admire and we can't wait to share our sounds and play with you all!"