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Operation ID - May 16th, 2010


May 16th: Music Makes You Move - Moving Makes You Music

This Sunday Operation ID will perform new music that is influenced, on the spot, by physical body movements. Composed portions of the music will have rehearsed, choreographed body movements (dance moves), while sections with freely improvised music will be fed by impromptu physical activity.

We have all seen performances where someone is going nuts and letting the music that they are playing manifest itself in a physical way.  Movement is capable of helping a musician listen closer to what the music needs, play with more intensity or conviction, be in the moment and forget their self-awareness or self-consciousness, and… have fun!

The idea is that you are making sounds that would not have come out the same without the physical motion you are using to accompany it.  The two forms of expression and artistic improvisation should become one.  This may very well be visually entertaining, but it is not as much for the spectacle as it is for the way the dancing influences way the music comes out.

For the jam session we would like each participating member to use physical movement as described above to influence and be a part of their musical improvisation as much as possible.  Each instrument will have it’s own possibilities and limitations.  The dance movements that your fellow improvisers are creating can influence your decision making just as much as the music can.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to Garret Sand whose research in synchronized dancing has influenced what you will see on Sunday. Please prepare yourself by watching the following videos:









If you want something more intellectual, check out our recently published academic paper: