Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Storm D'Angelo



There are many starting points for music. Sometimes you ease into it, sometimes there is an abrupt start into melodies, harmonies, different phrasing etc. No matter where you start or end, connecting yourself to the music is the most important part. I have found rhythm is the most natural way of becoming one with the music. All styles of music find ways of incorporating rhythm: Folk, Jazz, Rock, and many many more. People have a natural rhythm pulsating throughout their bodies, blood pumping through our veins. As humans we are inclined to move our bodies and recognize rhythm almost immediately. 

Consider this when playing for any number of people or just for yourself can strongly effect how the music is perceived. Even when reaching way beyond the outer rim of the music, by merely putting out a couple seconds of saying “this is where I’m at,” you can send a wave of understanding into the ear. It is my belief that this will connect with people more and allow greater and more positive energy.

For this Racer Session I hope to utilize this theory and make music with allowing rhythm to take place at different times throughout the performance. Not only through drums and bass but also through instrumentalists as well. During the jam this concept will be put into affect, allowing for a more concentrated concept rather than just 100% free.


Storm D'Angelo - Tenor Sax

Rubin Hohlbein - Trumpet

Isaac Bartick - Bass

Will Bartick - Percussion

Kenzo Perron - Percussion