Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Open Session - January 4, 2014

There was no official curator scheduled for this session, but Dio Jean-Baptiste offered the idea of improvising using motifs.

Improv 1: Evan Woodle (drums), Austin Larkin (violin), David Balatero (cello), Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard)

Improv 2: Geoff Traeger (voice and effects), David Balatero (cello), Jared Borkowski (guitar)

Improv 3: Luke Bergman (bass), Thomas Campbell (drums), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), David Nicholson (clarinet)

Improv 4: Ivan Arteaga (alto sax), Zubin Hensler (trumpet), Austin Larkin (voice)

Improv 5: Peter Freeman (keyboard), Neil Welch (kax), Janna Webbon (violin), Daniel Webbon (drums) 

Improv 6: Austin Larkin (violin), Luke Bergman (bass), Geoff Treager (voice)

Improv 7: Bryan Lineberry (alto sax), David Nicholson (clarinet), Dio Jean-Baptiste (trumpet)

Improv 8: Austin Larkin (keyboard), Thomas Campbell (drums)

Improv 9: David Balatero (bass), Jared Borkowski (guitar), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums)

Improv 10: Ryan Beckley (guitar), Jesse Stout (drums), Zubin Hensler (trumpet), David Nicholson (clarinet)

Improv 11: Janna Webbon (violin), Bryan Lineberry (alto sax), Luke Bergman (bass), Daniel Webbon (keyboard)

Improv 12: Neil Welch (tenor sax), David Nicholson (alto sax), Evan Woodle (drums), Peter Freeman (keyboard), Carl Germain (guitar), Jesse Stout (floor)

Improv 13: Evan Woodle (percussion), Thomas Campbell (drums), Dio Jean-Baptiste (keyboard), Geoff Traeger (voice), Daniel Webbon (bass), Jesse Stout (voice)