Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Japanese Guy - April 20, 2014


Generally, when Japanese Guy gets together to work on material and record, we start with a simple sonic idea, rhythmic cadence, or desired theme and build from there. Not too much scrutiny is put into a piece’s arrangement – the feel of the song will dictate when it is time for a change (or not). An idea will be tried a few times and decided if it’s interesting enough musically to be put it to tape. By approaching writing this way, not only does it require us to rely up on each other’s sensibilities for the sake of time in the studio, but also to stretch our own reactions to new directions to avoid any sort of redundancy.

As musicians or artists, even if you are trying to remove yourself from what you are comfortable with, you cannot escape the direction that your mind wanders. Through this, even the most dada of improvisation becomes directional. Your body and mind will react to what it comes into contact with and your ideas will take shape, even if subconsciously.

That being said, sometimes taking a single idea and stretching it as far as possible to let it unravel into something new, can birth exciting results. Sounds and feeling can grow into their own landscapes, letting each movement becomes incredibly significant.

For our session, we will be performing material from our records that focus on that challenge—simplicity and patience as a focus, but letting each addition’s significance move the piece to its final result.