Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Geoff Traeger & Dio Jean-Baptiste - October 12, 2014

Dio (drums) and Geoff (processed voice) presented an extended free improvisation.

“What I find most interesting about our work together is that while we are similar in age and have lived most of our lives less than 30 miles from each other, we are very different people. The contrasting facets of our personality, life experience, musical influence, and improvisational approach yield potent results.” – Geoff Traeger

Improv 1: Adam Kozie (drums), Luke Bergman (e. bass), Aaron Otheim (synthesizer)

Improv 2: Christian Pincock (trombone), David Balatero (cello), Andrew Olmstead (synthesizer)

Improv 3: Fergus Farley (drums), Ammon Swinbank (flute), Dio Jean-Baptiste (trumpet), John Broback (guitar), John Quell (tenor sax)

Improv 4: Thomas Campbell (drums), Aaron Otheim (synthesizer)

Improv 5: Ray Larsen (trumpet), Geoff Traeger (processed voice), Mike Gebhart (drums), Christian Pincock (trombone)

Improv 6: John Quell (tenor sax), Jeb Mack (drums)

Improv 7: Max Benoit (bass), Ray Larsen (trumpet), Aaron Otheim (synthesizer), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums)

Improv 8: Evan Woodle (drums), Phinehas M Nyang'Oro, Ammon Swinbank (flute), Christian Pincock (trombone), Jeb Mack (percussion)