Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Don Berman - January 22nd, 2012


NOW meets the PAST, plus CONDUCTION

For this evening I am planning to combine live players, performing simultaneously with recorded players! My colleagues Kenny Mandell and Kate Olson will be joining me as we revisit a recording by VOICES, one of Kenny’s past projects. Over two decades past, VOICES sounds like it could have been played at Racer last week! We will blur the gap between the past and the present as we apply our 21st century sensibilities to this visit from spirits of the past.

After this, we will ask players in the various areas of the audience to get their horns out and play from their seats, as part of a conduction that will follow our Present / Past  piece. As a transition from the curated presentation to the free session, we will blur the Performer / Audience gap with this conduction. 

So come ready to listen, and then join in with the curator and jam, as always, after the presentation. 

I may have a list, as I did last time, calling random groups from it up to play so that everyone who wants to, can sign up and be guaranteed his or her chance to play. This worked great last time. It combined folks who perhaps have not improvised together before, allowed all who hoped to play, to get to play, AND there was still time left over for the free-for-allers to come up on their own and play after that.