Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Chris Corsano & Wally Shoup - March 3, 2013


Multi-faceted East Coast drummer Chris Corsano will be playing duos w/Seattle veteran altoist Wally Shoup on March 3.  Chris has managed to become a recognized name in the international music world based solely on his improvised drum skills.  That’s an achievement in itself.

Chris has honed his improvisational chops with a wide variety of collaborators:  free jazz saxists Joe McPhee, Evan Parker, Paul Flaherty, Paul Dunmall; rockers Bjork, Ben Chasny, Sir Richard Bishop; and free folkers Mick  Flowers, amongst many others

Chris’s playing has been described as ‘hyper-kinetic’, but he harnesses that speed and power to accomodate the needs of his playing partners.   Sensitivity, acute listening skills and quick reflexes make him an in-demand player.

He and Wally have been playing duos together since 2002, each bringing his own voice and experience to an ongoing drum/sax investigative dialogue..

 Here’s a recent video of Chris (solo) in action:


It’s no substitute for seeing him live, though.