Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Bill Kautz - August 31, 2014

Local Racer Session regular Bill Kautz (euphonium) teamed up with Chris Icasiano (drums) to present five of Kautz’ compositions as duets. Concerning duets, he writes: “There is also an openness and exposure that allows the instruments to resonate and show their characteristics more so than in a larger group, which includes an increased openness for an exchange of ideas and a composition’s development. You learn to fill your sound with less and also get on a stronger frequency with the individual you are playing with.”
Kautz recommended that other improvisers try smaller ensembles for the jam session, and also mentioned chosing a main focus each jam for the music to evolve around.
Improv 1: Tim Miller (drums), Neil Welch (tenor sax.), Geoff Traeger (electronics), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard)
Improv 2: Paul Hoskin (contrabass clarinet), Austin Larkin (violin), Knute (drums)
Improv 3: Zae Tinaza (alto sax.), Julio Lopez (violin), Katie Levine (keyboard), Roberto Rueda (alto sax.), Chris Icasiano (drums)
Improv 4: Satchel Henneman (e. guitar), Simon Henneman (e. guitar), Gregg Keplinger (drums), Dio Jean-Baptiste (trumpet)
Improv 5: Bill Kautz (euphonium), Neil Welch (tenor sax.)
Improv 6: Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Paul Matthew Moore (keyboard)
Improv 7: Gregg Keplinger (drums), Paul Hoskin (contrabass clarinet), Simon Henneman (e. guitar)
Improv 8: Roberto Rueda (soprano sax.), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Chris Icasiano (drums)
Improv 9: Roberto Rueda (soprano sax.), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard), Chris Icasiano (drums)