Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Bad Luck - November 23, 2014

Fresh off a month-long tour of the United States, Bad Luck presented a set of four original pieces:

1. “Bats”

2. “Three”

3. “Tour Song”

4. “Suspects”

Improv 1: Aaron Otheim (keyboard), Austin Larkin (violin)

Improv 2: Carol Weber (voice), John Broback (guitar), Nathan Bluford (drums)

Improv 3: Thomas Campbell (drums), Peter Freeman (keyboard), Julio Lopez (violin)

Improv 4: Jeb Mack (drums), Katie Levine (keyboard)

Improv 5: John Broback (guitar), John Quell (tenor sax), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard)

Improv 6: Neil Welch (tenor sax), Dio Jean-Baptiste (drums), Paul Matthew Moore (keyboard)

Improv 7: Michelle Hutchinson (drums), Aaron Otheim (keyboard)

Improv 8: John Quell (tenor sax), Jesse Conlee (drums), John Broback (guitar), Andrew Olmstead (keyboard)

Improv 9: Julio Lopez (violin), Patrick Ketter (soprano sax), Carol Weber (voice), Sean Ryan (voice), Andrew JS (keyboard), Chris Icasiano (drums)