Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Trevor O'Loughlin and Memory Unit This Sunday

Greetings, Racers!

This Sunday, our friend Trevor O’Loughlin will hit the Racer stage with a new project called Memory Unit. Trevor is a great bassist and composer, and a student at Cornish College of the Arts who is quickly approaching graduation. This project is his primary approach to his senior recital, so this session acts as a sort of preview for that recital.

Trevor will be joined by Ruby Dunphy on drums and Jacob Neenan on saxophone. Trevor has presented at Racer once in the past, and the music was incredibly fun and dynamic. So we absolutely recommend that you come check out this session! They hit at 8pm on Sunday at Cafe Racer. Keep reading for words from Trevor on the music, the session, and what he has planned for the improvisations afterward.


“I have known Ruby Dunphy and Jacob Neenan since I moved to Seattle. In this time, not only have we been near-constant collaborators, I would also say they have become some of my closest friends. I have grown with these people. They have influenced my musicianship in such a large way and I can only hope that I have had a similar impact on theirs.

L-R: Trevor O’Loughlin (bass), Ruby Dunphy (drums), Jacob Neenan (Tenor Sax)

L-R: Trevor O’Loughlin (bass), Ruby Dunphy (drums), Jacob Neenan (Tenor Sax)

For about just as long as I have known Ruby and Jacob, I have known Racer. This session has given me a place to grow since I came for the first time in 2016. Having a venue and outlet like this in such a formative time of my life has been a blessing.

The name of this group is called Memory Unit. It features Jacob on saxophone, Ruby on drums, and myself on bass. This Racer Session will serve as our first show as this trio, as well as the premiere of the music we will be playing. The debut of a new band always always seems to be the hardest, but what better place to be vulnerable and introduce something that you’re excited about than Racer? I’m putting on a show with my friends, for my friends. I can’t think of a concert that I would rather play more.

For the jams, I would like something that ties the improvisations together. So, quite simply: I want you to introduce yourself to the other musicians before playing. I feel like sometimes, lately, I go on stage at Racer without knowing the people at all at points and I find it hard to be vulnerable with people when I don't know their name. So be vulnerable. Introduce yourself to new friends. Play vulnerably and cathartically.