Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Cornish Curates Two Weeks of Racer Sessions: Tom Baker, Kaley Lane Eaton, Ha-Yang Kim

Greetings, Racers!

Something a little different for you: the next two Racer Sessions will be curated by the Music Department at Cornish College of the arts. With a new school year starting in Seattle, we are excited about the growth of the local music community with the addition of new and returning students to the city. Our dear friend James Falzone, who also happens to be the Music Department chair, has written this to tell us more about the curations:

”The Music Department at Cornish College of the Arts is honored to help curate 2 nights of music at the Racer Sessions, a series that has been so important to our students, alumni, and faculty over the years.

Kerry Hall, Cornish College of the Arts

Kerry Hall, Cornish College of the Arts

The commitment to experimentalism and community that Table & Chairs has exhibited through Racer Sessions is at the heart of what Cornish's Music Department is all about, from its very founding by a visionary pianist and educator in Nellie Cornish, to the John Cage years, which changed the fabric of American music, to the hiring of profound improvisers like Julian Priester, to the present, when a serious commitment to this legacy and to the future is at work.”

September 16: Cornish Music Department Chair
James Falzone (solo clarinet)

September 23: Cornish Music Department Faculty
Ha-Yang Kim (cello)
Tom Baker (guitar and electronics)
Kaley Eaton (voice and electronics)

It'll be an amazing two weeks with a great selection of the Cornish faculty! This is great opportunity to get to know folks in the creative music community and support our friends and mentors, all while taking in some killer improvisations. Both sessions will start at 8pm and follow with a jam session until 10pm.