Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Borys Kossakowski Presents This Sunday

Greetings Racerheads! This week we are pleased to present Borys Kossakowski, an improviser and singer-songwriter formerly from Gdáńsk, Poland and currently living in Seattle who will be making his Racer Sessions debut as a featured artist! Read on below to see what he has written for the occasion:

Borys Kossakowski

Borys Kossakowski

“My Political Songs (https://boryskossakowski.bandcamp.com/) are crafted live from three ingredients. Old school songwriting (of course), ambient looping and free improvisation. The recipe is different with each set, according to circumstances. I feel like this is a place to push ambient and improvisation ahead and use the songs just like starting points for musical explorations.”

“Borys Kossakowski - one-man show w. guitar, saxophone, clarinet and looper. Creating 'soundscapes' on the crossroads of songwriting, improvising and ambient music.

For the fans of: Leonard Cohen (early), Sufjan Stevens, Nick Cave, Low, Damien Jurado and Johnny Cash (late).

A songwriter is like a postman, delivering songs like letters to the audience.

After the set I plan to continue creating soundscapes, using a lot of ambient sounds and delays.”