Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

In defiance of Gun Violence and Bigotry: Sound, Silence and Vigil


We are in mourning and shocked by the tragic shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando Saturday night. To the 50 innocent people whose lives have been lost, the 53 injured and their families devastated, we hold your memory close to us and we weep for you. To the LGBTQ community that is suffering in the face of violence and continued oppression, know that the Racer Sessions stands in defiant support of your rights.

Albert Ayler spoke up and shouted to us that “Music is the Healing Force of the Universe!” Tonight at 8pm with instruments in hand we’ll let out a Love Cry at the Racer Sessions. At 9pm we’ll let silence reach us and end the session early to join the masses of our city in vigil at Cal Anderson Park.

Our community is not a stranger to gun violence. No more than two weeks ago we gathered at Cafe Racer in remembrance of those fallen in the 2012 mass shooting at the cafe. In 2012 our community rose to action and performed in the streets in defiance of gun violence. We showed that no act of terror can stop a loving heart. Tonight, in our own small way we will continue to fight for those killed by senseless acts of gun violence, we will honor diversity and show that we do not accept the blight of bigotry. 

No matter what your sexual preference, gender, age, skin color, or the myriad ways we carry unique bodies and minds throughout this world, we support your right to live a life of your choosing. We believe in you—we love you.

-Racer Sessions

For more information about the vigil at Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park tonight (8-10pm), click the link below: