Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Evan Shay (CAN) Hosts Racer Session

Evan Shay's Run & Hide

Evan Shay (tenor sax, compositions), Ivan Arteaga (alto sax), Chris Icasiano (drums)

1. “Which Way is the Highway?”

2. “Interlude 1” —> “Consume” —> “Interlude 2” —> “Steamroll”

3. “Interlude 3” —> “Big Corn”

Improv 1: Haley Freedlund (trombone), Neil Welch (tenor sax), Howard Londner (drums), Carl Michnovicz (percussion)

Improv 2: Greg Campbell (French horn), Jeremy Gonzalez (alto sax), Ryan Kotler (bass), Chris Cole (trumpet), Keeli McCarthy (drums)

Improv 3: John Harrison (drums), Evan Captain (piano), Schuyler Asplin (trumpet)

Improv 4: Evan Woodle (drums), Ryan Kotler (bass), Noah Halpern (trumpet)

Improv 5: Evan Shay (tenor sax), Gus Carns (piano), Thomas Campbell (drums)

Improv 6: Greg Campbell (drums), Brendan McGovern (alto sax), Colton Foster (bassoon), Carl Michnovicz (piano)

Improv 7: Nicholas Merz (guitar), ? (drums)

Improv 8: Haley Freedlund (trombone), Thomas Campbell (drums), Greg Campbell (French horn), Colton Foster (bassoon)

Improv 9: ? (piano), Luke Woodle (drums), Noah Halpern (trumpet), Chris Cole (trumpet), Ryan Kotler (bass), Schuyler Asplin (trumpet), Logan Heine (alto sax)

-- -- -- -- --

Hey Racers! We're so excited to start the new year off with a session on 1/1/17, and so lucky to have it hosted by Seattle-born, Quebec-based saxophonist Evan Shay. Shay has this to say leading into his session:

 "It is an honor to host the Racer Sessions. Although I live full time in Montreal, I still keep a close ear to what is happening in my hometown. So much music that has inspired me over the years has come out of this great community. To be able to add my voice to this is humbling and exciting.

I am presenting Run & Hide. This project began in late 2015 as an experiment between myself on sax, and close friend Kyle Hutchins on drums. Kyle had been spending time in Cotekill, NY and Brooklyn, and we began collaborating upon his return to Montreal. We played our first gig as Run & Hide as a duo, and eventually the music expanded to a trio with two saxophones. In May 2016, we recorded a record with tenor saxophonist Mike Bjella, which should be released sometime this year.

The compositions are meant to be springboards for improvisation. A group consisting of drums and two melodic instruments leaves a lot of room for explorationand variation depending on the musicians.  I am looking forward to seeing how Ivan Arteaga and Chris Icasianodive into these charts.

For the session, I am not providing any specific guidelines besides venturing outside of comfort zones.  Since it is the beginning of a brand new year, try something you do notnecessarily gravitate towards naturally.  We all have a clean slate to work with, so let’s start off 2017 on a positive footing!"