Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Barra Brown Quintet - August 24, 2014


I created the (BBQ Barra Brown Quintet) a little more than a year ago for two main reasons: to play with this group of musicians as much as possible and record a book of material that didn’t have a home in any of the other projects I playing with and leading (a pop rock band, an indie-folk outfit, and an electronic/experimental jazz trio). We rehearsed several times and recorded our first album live to 2-track in a tango studio very near my house in SE Portand. “Songs for a Young Heart” was released on PJCE Records last August, and the songs and band line up have changed and grown in the year since.

My formal training isn’t in improvised music, however. While studying classical flute in college, I was drumming and writing for the various jazz ensembles at Lewis &Clark.

This group is a vehicle for my compositional vision which takes influence from Debussy and Stravinsky to Radiohead and Brain Blade. I love playing with this group of people, and I write this music specifically with them in mind. I don’t know what we are; a jazz quintet, an instrumental rock band, a creative improvised something or other. We are musicians, and this is the music we play!

For this session we will play a set of newer compositions and invite free improvisation, concept based improvisation, and honest sounds!

Thomas Barber-trumpet
Nicole Glover-tenor
Bill Marsh-Guitar
Arcellus Sykes-bass
Barra Brown-drums/compositions