Racer Sessions

Sundays, 8-10pm at Cafe Racer in Seattle, WA

Miller-Hailey presents duo this Sunday

Greetings, Racers!

This Sunday, we are really looking forward to presenting Miller-Hailey, a duo comprised of Gregg Miller on Saxophone and Dale Hailey on percussion. Gregg has been a dear friend and regular attendee of the session in recent years, and a long-time patron of the avant-garde scene, so I was thrilled when we talked about a date to play. Together, Gregg and Dale have released consecutive albums - one as recently as April. We hope that you can make it out to the session at Cafe Racer this Sunday at 8pm - stick around for the jam session and the great company. And read on below for some words from the musicians!


Dale Hailey and Gregg Miller

Dale Hailey and Gregg Miller

Drums and sax. Hitting surfaces and blowing over bamboo to vibration. Waves meet in our ears. Is there more? We don’t start from scratch, nor do we strike the first vibration into the void. Not our responsibility to take sound as an object or image for the first time. Already memory and sound, silence and silences, speaking and listening/not listening, earnest play and silly play and devious play, imitation and anti-imitation, giving, receiving, and regret, eyes open and eyes shut and eyes/ears wide shut, alone together, call and response, accident and intention, refusal and respect, vulnerability and resilience, idol-making, idolatry and iconoclasm, learning and knowing and forgetting and re-learning and re-membering, making home and coming home, being home in sound and escaping from the prison we call/called home, and regretting and loving and losing and shaming and needing and hoping. What is the practice of sound-making/not making for? And, for what is the thinking about that practice in the world we inhabit alone together? From already within the morass, how do we make the tiniest of entrances and exits?